WIM Silhouette x Bloody Good Period

WIM Silhouette x Bloody Good Period

WIM Silhouette x Bloody Good Period

At a time where everything feels uncertain, I have started to seek inspiration and hope from the simplest of things. Over the quiet Easter weekend, I discovered that three pink roses have bloomed from a tree in my garden, that sat bare only last week. The overwhelming joy I felt from seeing this vibrancy filled me up and I couldn’t help but stare in awe. 




I have noticed that my neighbours are seeking out similar simple pleasures from their own green spaces. As they prune their plants, lovingly tend to their potted vegetables or simply sit in the sun with a coffee in hand, a few things seem clear. People are continuing to smile, continuing to take care of their surroundings and most importantly, as a community we are refusing to give up on life and each other.  


There are so many organisations doing incredible things to keep spirits high during this challenging time; and as our online store launched last week, Wasma and I have been excitedly planning a way to show our support for the inspirational women’s charity…


Bloody Good Period!



This amazing UK based organisation works to provide free sanitary products for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups who need them most. They are continuing to operate by delivering supplies to women in self-isolation. As WIM is a brand centred around the wellness of women, we decided that BGP deserved some extra love right now and here is how we plan to share it…


…introducing our WIM Silhouette Badges!


These beautiful badges have been designed exclusively by Sofi Azais, our friend at Studio NinetyOne and have been manufactured by The London Embroidery Studio. For every one sold, £2 will be donated to our friends at BGP! As a thank you for supporting us in supporting them, you’ll also receive Free Shipping for this item. Wear your badge as a symbol of your own femininity and feel empowered knowing £2 has gone towards helping women in need because we all know that periods are no fun even at the best of times.



We love attaching the different designs to denim jackets, tote bags and jumpers. You could even place it in a frame and have it on the wall as a piece of art. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to tag us @womeninmindco on insta so we can share the word!

And although we are able to endure the monthly struggle of our periods from home for now, it’s more important than ever to find comfort where you can. Our dreamy collections of loungewear and sleepwear will provide you with all the support you need. 

The Restore Travel Kit is a firm favourite and the ultimate comfy combo! Including a tank, long sleeve crew, leggings, socks and sleep mask, this set is sure to keep you feeling relaxed day or night. Whether you are heading out for the the weekly food shop or catching up on Netflix, let your clothes look after you. 



Check out our online store to explore for yourself.

I hope that whatever the weekend brings, you will be able to find some joy somewhere. 




Lauren x


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