Weathering The Storm 🌪

A warm welcome to you all and Happy Venus Day! The day of rest and love. The astrological energy for this day make it ideal for self-care, and I’m all for it! 💕

It has been a whirlwind of a week, the heaviness of it palpable as I’ve been weighed down by my preoccupations on the pandemic, and a longing to be with my family. My sisters, who are my core support group, I miss terribly. Especially, since my youngest sister just gave birth amidst all that is happening. I’m grateful that both mama and baby are safe. Add to all this, the ever-growing challenge of safely navigating my business in this uncertain climate.

I came across an article titled, ‘COVID-19 and The Grief Process’ by Dr. Robert Weiss on Psychology Today, and it helped me name the feeling I was grappling with: Grief. I allowed myself to come to terms with what’s happening in whatever shape or form needed. At times, the release came in the form of tears, at other times, multiple showers to cool off, and this past Sunday, sleeping in for almost an entire day, (almost ☺️)!

Fortunately, this first article led to another article titled ‘The Most Powerful Weapon Against COVID-19’ by Bryan E. Robinson, PhD, which I considered to be the antidot. I’ve come away from my preoccupations to a newfound sense of stability and grounding. I am certainly welcoming this Venus Day with open arms!


On the business side, both Lauren and I
managed to power through our WIM deliverables and we were both delighted to see the number of newsletter signups, thank you! As promised, our handwritten postcards are on their way to you. 



We also received samples for one of our products in the WIM apothecary range from Jacqueline Steele of GOEST Perfumes in Los Angeles. As a self-proclaimed perfume enthusiast, I am so proud of how much we’ve achieved so far and can hardly wait to introduce this along with our other offerings. 







Furthermore, the Digital Self-Care Strategy Workshop is well underway for a trial run in May and I am inviting all of you to help us shape it into what will be a supportive tool for you and the rest of our WIM community. 

That’s all on the business side, head on over to our newsletter signup page and tick the box to receive more up-to-date news on all the latest. 

Without further ado, below is a list of what helped me weather the storm:

1- Music
A soothing playlist I made last year while I was going through a challenging time.

2- Food
My Hungry Valentine, made a comprehensive directory of London food+drinks businesses offering delivery and takeaway. What a brilliant initiative! I placed an order with Natoora this week and was *so* happy with my fruit box. If you have other suppliers, please share them with me.

3- Reading
I am a HUGE fan of well curated mailing lists! I will trickle them down in future blog posts. For today, I want to highlight:

The Daily Good by The Good Trade is super helpful for a independent businesses. Its also aesthetically pleasing 😍

I consider Brain Pickings by Maria Popova as a balsam to my soul. She sends weekly curated literary content that is always relevant and on point.  

Before I sign off, I would like to suggest meditating on David Whyte's House of Belonging, read by the man himself ✨


Until next time. Stay home, stay safe. 

Love, Wx 



April 03, 2020 — Wasma Mansour