Wear What You Feel 🌸

Happy Venus Day!

I trust that you have been enjoying this glorious sunny week 🌞😍

I often get asked about how and why I selected the clothes in our collection.

The main criteria for me is that:

a) they are practical

b) sustainable (and this we pledge to improve as we grow)

c) they are well made and of good quality

and last but certainly not least,

d) that they are comfortable. 

I want women to see the potential in their purchases and that these garments are not limited to any particular space.  With a little creativity and imagination, you can repurpose them for other occasions too.

I had a fun photoshoot with my good friend Mariko Ponzcek (the Plant Whisperer) who perfectly modelled a couple of versatile looks from our collection.  For all your gardening needs, I highly recommend working with her - she genuinely communicates with plants like no other! 🌱🌻

Mariko wore the Cool Everybody Tee in White indoors while she tended to her plant and paired it with a pair of Cool Shorts in Black while weeding the garden. (Both top and shorts are medium sized)




So many wonderful things happening at WIM - I feel that we found our momentum during the current circumstances. A huge thank you to all our supporters who are with us every step of the way.

Till next week!

W xx 

April 24, 2020 — Wasma Mansour