Founder's Note

Founder's Note

Founder's Note

The first thing I do when I wake up is look out the window. 

Living in London for the past 12 years has made me appreciate those too few days without a single cloud in sight when the sun graces the skies in her full glory. There is something about the richness of a blue sky, it has an affect on me both emotionally and psychologically. My receptivity increases and on those days, my mood shifts automatically. And yet I’ve managed to become accustomed to the mostly overcast days, and have even learned to love them. 

At this point, you are probably wondering how relevant this introduction is to my self care practice, which is after all the main focus of my blog. Well now you know. I share, everything. 

It is only recently in forming a self care ritual that I began to reframe the daily activities I engage in. I never used to think in those terms before, and perhaps this recent shift in my attitude is helping me to regard self care as sacred. 

Cognitively, I used to dismiss self care as “not urgent”, unnecessary, indulgent and even frivolous in favour of everything that relates to “the grind.” This meant that activities and commitments that were career related somehow became what was necessary for my survival, and always won out as the top priority. 

That said, I want to begin this journey with the best foot forward. Which simply means that even if your perception of the grind is different than my own, and even if you find pleasure in it, or feel as if for you, it really is a necessity, then know that I completely understand and respect where you’re coming from. I welcome you to share this journey with me. 

My intention is to propose practices and daily rituals that will create balance and encourage you to refuel yourself emotionally, mentally and energetically. I’d like to engage you in practices that embody an understanding about self love and self worth. 

And my aim is for these bimonthly blog posts to give you a glimpse into my own rituals, which I’ve developed as the result of exploring different practices and teachings from a variety of disciplines and schools of thought. As a naturally curious person I’ve delved into holistic spaces, and sometimes I’ve taken away only a morsel and other times I’ve gone in deep. I’ve learned to apply what resonates most with me. So it is in that same spirit that I hope you can explore what I will share with you and then keep what resonates most with you. 

As you come along on this journey with me, you’ll notice that my practice will change depending on my circumstances, the seasons or where I happen to be geographically. This flow of change has brought with it the challenge of learning to cope with self-criticism over my sense of commitment and dedication to myself. You’ll notice that this is still a work in progress and that it is okay, and that I am willing to be honest and open about that well-earned struggle. 

Lastly, know that some of terminology, words and expressions I will share with you may or may not be part of your vernacular, or they might feel conceptually unfamiliar. I will do my best to break down those concepts so that you can comfortably explore and slip into this new zone of practice with me. And do share your thoughts, reciprocity will make this an expansive experience for everyone.

Welcome to the journey that if you let it, will bring you closer to what self care really means for you.