The Ritual: Card Reflection

The Ritual: Card Reflection

The Ritual: Card Reflection

Happy Venus Day!

I always prefer to begin my day with a bit of meditation. As part of my ritual, I take out either a Tarot or Oracle deck and pull a card. I do so with the intention to offer inspiration for the day, or a reflection for my meditation. 

I was first introduced to Tarot and Oracle cards 7 years ago during a trip to Kuwait. I met up with someone who wanted to commission me to collaborate on a photographic project, and she gifted me a Native American Vision Quest Tarot Deck by Gayan Sylvie Winter. I love this particular deck because I feel that the cards are more accessible for beginners, such as myself. Moreover, I appreciate their spiritual slant, inspired by natural elements. It just resonates with me more.

Having said that, I predominantly use Oracle cards. Unlike Tarot, Oracle cards aren’t limited to 78 cards, nor are they based on the Rider-Waite decks. This means that Oracle cards don't necessitate following a particular structure for their reading. My favourite sets are the ones offered by Inner Compass (I highly recommend the one for children), as well as the Divine Feminine and Doreen Virtue's Archangel Michael (pictured). 

These are my personal preferences however there are plenty of other Oracle and Tarot sets that may speak to you.  May I recommend checking the ones at She’s Lost Control (they offer virtual shopping appointments), as well as The Mystic Wolf and Holistic Shop.

Lastly, if you feel called to have a tarot reading, I highly recommend our friend and collaborator, Abbie, for a reading. 

I would love to know which resonates with you, so tag me in your socials ✨

Till next time,