The Intimacy of the Kitchen Table

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As a photographer (many moons ago!) and a photo-book collector, I came to appreciate bodies of work that look at private spaces, the idea of domesticity and explore the notion of identity (particularly the female one) in relation to family and collective.

For today, I wanted to share the sublime work of Carrie Mae Weems titled The Kitchen Table Series, which "tell a story of one woman’s life, as conducted in the intimate setting of her kitchen. The kitchen, one of the primary spaces of domesticity and the traditional domain of women, frames her story, revealing to us her relationships—with lovers, children, friends—and her own sense of self, in her varying projections of strength, vulnerability, aloofness, tenderness and solitude." (source)

 "I made this body of work, The Kitchen Table Series, it started in a curious way as a response to my own sense of what needed to happen, what needed to be, not be simply a voice for African American women but would be a voice more generally for women." 

 Carrie Mae Weems 

Here is an article and video of the artist reflecting on her series.


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June 11, 2020 — Wasma Mansour