The Best is Yet to Come 🍂🍁 Black History Month

Today's Venus day post will focus on a few important announcements:

Our Autumn Newsletter comes out today! It will include a few updates regarding our fashion and apothecary line plus a very important bit of news concerning our Christmas pop-up 😍

If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you do here as we will be sending it out again to our new followers on Monday.

October is Black History Month so I would love to take the opportunity to highlight the Black History Month official website which features wonderful resources that raise awareness of important figures and accomplishments of the Black community within the UK. 

You can also look back at the #ShareTheMic campaign which aims to magnify black women’s lives, stories and cultural contributions by taking over the Instagram accounts of white women with large social media audiences.

If you are craving a more cerebral activity, why not check Feminist Duration Reading Group's online reading of Bell Hook's Representing The Black Male Body on Saturday 17th October? It fills up quickly so make sure you RSVP.

I also want to share with you this superb compilation of poems:

That's in for now, tune in next week 💕


October 09, 2020 — Wasma Mansour