Summer Rain 🌦

Summer Rain 🌦

Summer Rain 🌦

Happy Venus Day!

Am I the only one who feels as though we have fast forwarded into autumn? 🍂

Needless to say, I have been spending most of the days this week indoors; the rain has definitely discouraging me from doing my evening walks around Hackney. It also helps that my dog doesn’t appreciate the rain either!

One of the highlights this week has been working on the WIM candles. Somehow being indoors for the most part reminded me why I wanted to create the line in the first place, which is to enhance the olfactive experience in our private spaces.  Now that we have perfected our fragrances, we are about to start testing in preparation for production in August!

There will be more to share with you regarding this next week as I will be visiting our production partners in Wellingbrough!

Before I sign off, may I recommend this playlist 💕

Till next week