Switching Off

Hi everyone,

I am feeling very refreshed, nourished and grateful post mini-break near the sea in West Sussex. I came back with a few takeaways:

- Our bodies tend to give us physical signals to implore us to slow down, relax, ground and centre ourselves. If we don't pay attention, we will simply burn out.

- A lot of our commitments and daily engagements, whether it's for work, family or private matters, place us in scenarios of heightened awareness. That's life. However, in order to recharge we need to seek out spaces that offer a break from constant stimulation and response. Sometimes, just offering ourselves the luxury of waking up whenever our bodies want, and not planning anything is all we need.

- Seeking refuge in nature is healing. The simple act of walking barefoot (also known as grounding) does wonders for the nervous system.

So if you feel your body giving you a nudge to take it easy, do your best to heed the call and switch off :)


Till next time,




August 07, 2020 — Wasma Mansour