Summer by the Sea 🌊
Keris models the Lunya Supportive Modal Sleep Bralette in White (Size M) & Cool Shorts in Bare (Size M). Jo models the Lunya Cool Everybody Tee & Cool Shorts in White (Size M)


Happy Venus Day!

On weekends, I usually take my dog on long walks around my borough, often making my way through all the usual spots performing my favourite weekend rituals. I head to AllPress for my iced American with a dash of oat milk, collect sourdough from E5 Bakehouse and explore the latest arrivals at Artwords Bookshop. Whilst looking through the books this weekend, I came across Charlotte Runcie's 'Salt on Your Tongue: Women and the Sea'.

The title was enough to pique my curiosity. As someone born and raised in a coastal city, I always desire to be near the seaside.

 "Longing for the sea is longing for adventure and the longing for home, all at once." 

This has never been more true! 

In this book, Charlotte poetically and delicately weaves her personal life story with mythology and references to Scotland's seascape. Despite not being keen on memoirs nor biographies, this book effortlessly drew me in. It is both mesmerising and raw - it is the antidote my heart needed.



Water generally, and seawater specifically, is healing for me. So when I travelled to Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago with my good friends Jo and Keris, I suggested we perform a little invocation letting our bodies get soaked by the crashing waves. Although the temperature was uncomfortably cold and the impact of the waves literally knocked us onto the ground, the whole experience felt remedial - as though the ocean was responding to our prayers. 


Sea Ritual

"Great mother, I call on your depth and strength. May my inner world be as diverse as that which swims beneath your waves. May I sway like your tides to the moon’s distant pull. May I feel your crash against my spirit, even as you kiss the embracing shore. Teach me of hidden things and ancient realms. Fill me with your surging strength and wash me ever closer to that which I seek."


If you want to try a ritual the next time you are by the coast, why not try this and share your experience with me.  Similarly, I would love to hear about your thoughts on the book 💕


Til next time


W xx

September 04, 2020 — Wasma Mansour