Sent a Letter

Happy Venus day! ✨

As of Monday, both Lauren and myself will be transitioning back to the studio full time - which is super exciting!

I have savoured every moment this week of staying indoors, feeling cosy and being restful (London's rainy weather has helped). I snoozed my alarm almost daily for an extra 20 (sometimes 30 shh 🤫) because I couldn't get enough of WIM's Linen Bedding! I milked every bit of WFH mode by lounging around in either our Restore Travel Kit or the Pocket Dress and singing along with the queens Erykah Badu & Jill Scott.

I also found myself reflecting on my journey as a photographer before WIM. There have been (still are) many incredible artists whose aesthetic and ethics influence me. Of these,  Dayanita Singh's bodies of work resonate with me more so on an emotional level. I appreciate her tender and considered approach: focusing the gaze on intimate spheres, family members, community, delicate interiors and the amplification of "presence in absence". These are all themes that my photographs tackle in subtle ways.

Sent a Letter is a beautiful and delicate photo-book by Dayanita. Personally, I see it more of a diary that chronicles her life, merging some photographs taken by her mother, Noni Singh, with photographs of her friends' private spaces. The photo-book has been described as a "private exhibition" and I couldn't agree more! It is a delightful object: the scale and delicateness of the booklets that are housed in a hardshell cover makes me engage with the work more deeply, like looking closely at someone's family album. The words below that are inscribed around the multiple sides of the hard cover, spoke to me directly:

Sent a letter

to my friend

on the way he dropped it. Someone came and picked it up

put it in his pocket



Before I sign off, I would like to wish our American friends & everyone celebrating around the world a happy and joyous Juneteenth!


W xx 

June 19, 2020 — Wasma Mansour