The Rituals Series

The Rituals Series

The Rituals Series

Happy Venus Day 

As someone who swears by the merits of structure and routine, I have to admit that these, with time can become, dare I say, dull and boring.  When I started to "ritualise" them however, I noticed a shift in my attitude.  I looked forward to these practices with keenness and interest.  After all, rituals have shown to have positive effects on mental health.

Here is a story. When I was little, I remember a time when my sister was really upset. I watched my mum prepare a piece of paper with something written on it in yellow.  She doused this paper in a glass of water and offered it to my sister to drink.  I didn't think much of it as a child however as I got older, I noticed this practice amongst various relatives too.  I later found out that this yellow ink is in fact saffron diluted in water.  This mix is then used as an ink to write Qur'anic verses on a piece of paper that will subsequently be submerged in water.  This resulting "saffron tea" , having absorbed the holy script, is believed to bestow calm and serenity to the drinker.  This practice is called Ruqya or Qur'anic therapy.

As someone who adopts various holistic modalities to enhance my wellbeing, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the above mentioned method, and other practices that utilise water programmed with affirmations for similar purposes. Affirmations (positive self talk) have shown to yield positive results, boost mood and self esteem and tackle negative mindsets.

For my ritual, I decided to combine the use of "saffron ink" to positively program my water. Saffron, being an antioxidant is known for its medicinal properties - & tastes wonderful as a tea! 


You will need a food safe paper, a little saffron and a q-tip if you don't have a brush.  Dilute the saffron strands in a little water to create a more concentrated solution.  Use this as your "saffron ink" to paint on the paper. You can also use your fingers if you don't mind the dye. Dip the paper with your chosen affirmation in a glass of water and take a moment to meditate on this word, bring forth the feeling associated with it.



If you follow a similar practice, or if you have a ritual you'd like to share, give me a should on our socials.

Till next time