Loving Ourselves

Loving Ourselves

Loving Ourselves

Exciting things at WIM this week as we resumed our operations following our January pause ✨

I am deeply thankful to our community and our customers who supported us during that time and I am looking forward to seeing them enjoy their complimentary Silhouette Tote bags!

Moreover, I am delighted that we are now featuring the latest styles from The Nude Label, the colours are absolutely gorgeous! Have a look for yourself here.

For those who have received our newsletter, I hope that you enjoy the VIP access to the flash sale. For those who haven't signed up yet, you can do so here as we'll be releasing the newsletter again early next week🧚‍♂️

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with an activity suggestion for next week. I often rave about Louise Hays' Mirror Work to friends and family. This method did wonders for me when I did it for 21 days, as suggested. Frankly, I started noticing a huge difference 5 days in and that motivated me to keep going. You can find more information on the process with the link above - all you need is a pen, post-its, and the curiosity and compassion to "see" and "accept" yourself.  Highly highly recommended! 

If you're not feeling that, how about this playlist by Janine to serenade yourself. 

Till next time, have a lush Venus Day 💕

W xx