Long overdue!

Happy Venus Day!

It’s been a while since we had one of our special conversations, an update that is long overdue. Lately, the notion of productivity is pushed through our conscious with an incessant romanticism of over-working oneself. How about we take a different path? One where taking breaks to recharge and reset your energy before things unravel is celebrated and affirmed. 

Although a picture-perfect holiday to Greece helps, taking small breaks away from the busy notifications of your phone is a little step that is destined to go a long way. Internet breaks before bed help with getting a good night’s sleep - nourishment that our bodies crave inherently. 

Spend time soaking in the vibrant rays of the sun in the morning, reflecting on an exciting day ahead of you and practising gratitude. Take time out to engage in sensory activities for a calm and focused start to your morning. Find ways to incorporate slow living into your lifestyle, staying away from scheduling every second of your day. It often causes more stress than it relieves. The further we are from the constant alerts of our phones, the more in touch we are with ourselves. 

In the spirit of rejuvenating, I took a mini self-care holiday on the southern coast of Sussex. A town that echoes the peaceful sound of waves crashing against one of the most vibrant skies during sunset, this holiday helped me unwind weeks worth of work and put me back in tune with myself. 


My personal self-care retreat essentials 

 Clockwise: Milk Bra & Brief by LEF, Linen Robe by a mente, Harlem Rose Candle, Made by Yoke Intention Incense & Incense holder

Clockwise: Fern Bra & Brief by LEF, London Fields Candle, Made by Yoke Sacred Incense & Incense holder 


As for WIM, it’s been a thrilling few weeks! We’re brimming with excitement as we launched our new fragrances, our new website and gave a warm welcome to several new brands that align with our journey at WIM. 

Our pop-up event is working its way closer to us, starting on the 16th of August till the 12th of September, in East London. It would be a pleasure to see you there. Our first giveaway with WORON on Instagram was a massive hit, urging us to do yet another one in honour of the pop-up - so don’t miss out on the chance to win some beautiful products! 

Till next time,

Wasma xx

July 30, 2021 — Wasma Mansour