It's Beginning To Feel Like Spring 🌸

Glorious Venus Day!

Aren't we all happy that it's starting to feel like spring? There is an unquestionable feeling of optimism and expansion whenever spring comes around and I invite you all to drink it up!

I spent a few days recharging my energy from a bunch of majestic Bougainvillea trees. Do you have a favourite flower that you look forward to seeing in the spring? Take a selfie next to it and tag us.

Mother's Day is around the corner so if you are looking for a special gift, may I recommend the Lunya Washable Silk Robe, or the Lunya Washable Silk Cami Pant Set - perhaps even pair them with a Washable Silk Eye Mask too 💕 

I am very happy with the feedback I have received about WIM's Fragrances.  We are sending samples for free, so if you would like some give us a shout on or slide into our DMs.

Tomorrow is full moon in Virgo. If you are looking for a practice to maximise the benefits of this day or perhaps a bit of guidance I highly recommend Danielle Beinstein's Cosmic Compass. It's a monthly astrological membership that supports you during new and full moons. The meditations and recommended practices have allowed me to reflect and think critically about the current circumstances personally and globally.

Here's our gorgeous Spring Feels playlist compiled by Janine.. it's a vibe y'all 🌸

Till next time 


February 26, 2021 — Wasma Mansour