Heart Centred Week ❤️

Heart Centred Week ❤️

Heart Centred Week ❤️

Happy Venus Day!

As many of you probably don’t know this information, but aside from managing WIM, I am also studying to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. We had our virtual training last weekend delving into breathwork (prayanama), Yogic Anatomy and the Glandular System. It was a profound experience given what is happening around the world. One of the major take aways for me was the correlation between organs and emotions. I will definitely disclose more of this in my future posts.

As someone who is sensitive to the weather, I couldn’t help but feel the shift in my energy as a result of the overcast and rain. Having said that, I felt lifted by the love and support of my sister Reem (whose birthday was yesterday!), my friends Jo, Mariko (pictured with her infectious laugh), and Irena ❤️ The #WIMCommunity on social channels have been wonderful, and of course my colleagues Lauren and Issey.

To all of you I say thank you, you have given me the life force and energy I needed to push through this week. 





Among other lovely news: we processed our first orders to Europe and Asia, with one parcel on its way to Spain and the other to Japan. I always dreamed for this project of mine to have an international reach and to see it happening fills my heart!

Major progress with our apothecary line. On Monday, both myself and Lauren had a thorough sampling session with Jackie, the perfumer of GOEST Perfumes who is formulating our fragrances. 

We are way over half way developing one of the raw compounds that will become an eau du toilette, an oil roll on as well as a candle. I’ll stop myself from disclosing too much and ruining the element of surprise when they launch, so I will leave you with some photos from the sampling and sniffing processes. 



I wrote this blog whilst listening to 'I'm Every Woman' by the glorious Chaka Khan and sang with her at the top of my lungs “I'm every woman, it’s all in me”.


It felt so damn good. Give it a try! ❤️

Till next week!