Going Inward ✨

Going Inward ✨

Going Inward ✨
Ego says, 'Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace.' 
Spirit says, 'Find your peace, and everything will fall into place.'
Marianne Williamson

And here we are - lockdown 3.0. While completely acknowledging the necessity of it and the pressure on the NHS/frontlines, I won't deny the impact it is having on me.  After listening to the PM's address, I started to free write my racing thoughts without judgement. Journaling has been one of my favourite methods to process my emotions. There are plenty of books and workshops that utilise this method, I personally recommend Julia Cameron's Artist Way and Bethany Auriel-Hagen's The Journal Keeper's Practice on Insight Timer as well as the various workshops on To Be Magnetic - I am currently doing the Unblocked Inner Child & Unblocked Shadow workshops. 

If you haven't tried this practice before, why not give it a try? I personally aim to do it first thing in the morning, literally just out of bed.  It truly helps me start the day without the mental chatter. Also, if you happen to follow a particular journaling practice, share it with me on our socials! I have got into the habit of trying and testing different journaling methods and styles. So far they have all been great! 

Till next time