Happy Venus Day!

How was your first week of lockdown? Do you feel that you have easily transitioned into your new routine? Or do you find yourself experiencing more resistance?

I have thankfully been given the green light by the NHS Track and Trace and I no longer have to self isolate, as I have completed my 10 days and my symptoms have subsided. I say that, however I am aware that my body is far from being at “full capacity” and I may have to be patient with it, give it some love and let it recover in its own time. 

Weaving has helped me a lot with this process of patience.

This along with this meditation. Not the easiest, but definitely helps breakthrough resistances. Trust me 💕

The below two breath work exercises helped me so much during my recovery. One of my main concerns was that the virus would compromise my lung capacity, so these next two exercises first and foremost helped ease my anxiety regarding those fears, but also made me feel my lung expansion and that was reassuring. 

Meditation for Rejuvenation  & Breath of Ten


On the WIM front, I am so happy to reveal a very cheeky photo of our capsule collection which is coming along. To follow the development process, please sign up to our newsletter, follow us on our socials and spread the love ❤️

Before I sign off, I would like to leave you with a few recommendations for things to do during the rest of lockdown, depending on the vibe you are after:

The Adult Swim Festival in LA will be streamed LIVE for the first time today and tomorrow and it will be for free! You have no idea how excited I am about this and the lineup includes: Kaytranada, Run The Jewels, Robyn and so many other cool performances. Sign up via Dice and find more info here.

If you are looking for something more spiritually nourishing, I highly recommend Guru Rattana's Two Paths to the Heart Workshop tomorrow. I just know this will be something so epic and healing. Give us a shout on insta if you take part 💕

A very close and dear friend gifted me the most delicious dinner from OREN which I would love everyone to try. And just because, I secured myself a Pasta Princess' Sagne 'ncannulate for dinner. These sell out quickly so I would advise to switch on the notifications to lock in an order next week 😉 I also heard that HOT 4 U are making the most scrumptious 'eat at home' delivery bundles and Rubedo's rotisserie chicken is out of this world. 

And lastly, I will leave you with some music to uplift your spirits: The Estelle Radio Show has been my salvation and part of my medicinal toolkit for Covid - no joke! It will give you all sorts of happy and joyous vibes. Go on, see for yourselves!

Till next week, take it easy loves.

W xx