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Community Love

Community Love


I can only imagine how stressful this time is for everyone, my thoughts and well-wishes go out to anyone who has been personally impacted.

As a WIM family, we have been doing our best trying to restructure our operations to navigate these circumstances.  The safety of our staff and collaborators is my number one priority and therefore we have made the decision to join countless others to WFH. The idea of social distancing sounded daunting to me, particularly since I live far away from my family. However, between the uncertainty and ambiguity, I felt carried and uplifted by people's acts of kindness and Cardi B's CV memes lol

As much as I wanted to debut this blog under more positive circumstances, I would like to express my support by offering simple and practical suggestion every week to uplift your spirits when you need it most.

So, here's what I've been doing this week:

1. Doing the 3-Minute Start Yoga by Mahan Kirn

Mahan Kirn leads a daily 3-Minute Start meditation to destress and boost immune system on Instagram & Facebook live.

2. Listening to the playlist on Spotify compiled by Dj Phina
(pronounced “fee-na”)

3. Binge-watching:

Hulu’s Shrill on BBC iPlayer
HBO’s Insecure on Sky Comedy
Also, its worth noting that Season 4 is coming out soon!

4. Enjoying some tasty Moon Milk

My three favourite titles are: 
The Giving Tree
Where the Sidewalk Ends
The Missing Piece 


6. Video FaceTime/WhatsApp calls with family & close friends

7. The Lonely Hour Podcast

Stop by this space next Friday where our newest WIM member Lauren will be sharing some tips.

In the meantime, I would love to know what everyone has been doing. If you are running out of ideas, why not sign up to our newsletter and include your postal address to receive a handwritten WIM postcard with our signature pattern. You can use it to doodle, colour in, or whatever your soul desires.

Please share your creations with us on Instagram and don’t forget to use the #WomenInMind and #WIMcommunity so we can give you a shoutout!

Til then, be safe and keep your spirits up.


Wasma x

#WIMCommunity #togetherathome