Checking In ✨

Checking In ✨

Checking In ✨

Happy Venus Day!

Another productive week at WIM and both Lauren and myself are very much looking forward to a gloriously sunny bank holiday!

Given the fast nature of startups, one often feels the need to be agile, adaptable and non-attached; on many occasions at the expense of our mental, emotional and even physical health. The side effects are irritability, moodiness, and in worst cases: burn out 😓  

During one session, my therapist shared a quote that resonated with me a lot:

"When you run too fast, you leave yourself behind"

As someone with an immersive nature, this realisation made me think of ways to check in with myself.  Inspired by Louise Hay's Mirror Work technique, I decided to use post-its to check in with myself.  I placed them on mirrors, next to my supportive WIM badge, so I can look - I mean really look - at myself with love and curiosity when asking: "How am I doing today?" or "How am I feeling today?".

Doing this simple yet effective gesture allows me to carry myself with more integrity. It has given me the awareness needed to stay regulated and really show up for myself 💕 I found this list incredibly helpful in narrowing down the emotion I am experiencing as well as this article on Emotional Intelligence.

If you ever feel overwhelmed and out of touch, I would highly recommend this mirror technique. It's incredible how much difference checking in with yourself can make.

Till next week, enjoy the long weekend 🌞🍦