Beautiful Bedroom

Beautiful Bedroom

Beautiful Bedroom

Life at home is the new normal. 

Protecting us from the outside world, our homes have become safe havens and feel more sacred to us than ever before. No matter how big or small, the rooms we inhabit reflect our personalities, thoughts and dreams. 

Dorothy Draper founded the first US-based interior design company in 1923. She encouraged clients to move away from the traditional 'period styles' of the time and instead helped them to create unique and personal spaces. 

Everyone dresses their rooms differently; from painting walls with vibrant colours to picking out stylish furniture. However we choose to decorate, one room has been a constant throughout the years…the bedroom.


 “Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is yours.” - Dorothy Draper 


For me, the bedroom symbolises self-care. As well as taking time to rest, it is here that I prioritise comfort, support and a little bit of luxury. 

Sometimes I’ll make myself a warming turmeric latte to drink before I sleep, other nights I’ll pick out my favourite set of pyjamas to snuggle up in under the covers. I’ve found that these rituals help me to drift away with ease. 

 My favourite recommendation for getting a good night’s sleep is using a mask - this has changed my life! The Restore Sleep Mask in pima cotton, aids cell regeneration and increases oxygenation of the skin round the eyes. This reduces the appearance of fatigue and dark circles so you wake up feeling truly refreshed.



 And if you’re looking for that little bit of luxury, the Washable Silk Robe is a must. This piece can be worn over pyjamas, act as pyjamas or can even be styled as a light jacket for the daytime. 



We are also very excited to share with you our new WIM Linen Bedding Set (modelled perfectly by Tina above). The natural thermoregulating and moisture-wicking properties of linen will keep you cool throughout the night. This dreamy set is not only beautiful but Oeko-Tex Certified meaning no harmful chemicals have been used in production.  

We would love to see how you style our beautiful sleepwear pieces so tag us @womeninmindco on insta so we can share with our #WIMCommunity 


As we move into the weekend, I hope you can all find time to embrace rest. 


Sweet dreams, 


Lauren x