A Guided Meditation for Self Doubt

The breath is the key to a fulfilling yoga experience. It comes first before any postures and it's an extremely quick and powerful way to shift your perspective. When your perspective changes your world changes. How you feel about things changes, what you think about changes. As you get more competent at relaxing into your breath then deep feelings of peace grow naturally inside of you. We feel my connected, grounded, happy, clear and level headed.

It’s so wonderful I’d love you to try the meditation I made especially for the women of WIM. 

Breathing over 8 breaths a minute is a sign of stress. Number one slow your breath down.

Train yourself to breathe through your nose, it’s much healthier for you.
Breath into your tummy so you move the muscles of you abdomen and diaphragm with each breath.

Pull the breath in, belly expands, push the breath out belly contracts.
Keep your eyes focused on one point as you breath. Usually with with your eyes close and focused at your third eye. If you struggle with that focus at the tip of your nose.with your eyes a little opened.

I will keep encouraging you to do that when you practise yoga with me so please check out my classes if you'd like to learn more. 

There are three special events coming up soon : 

Winter Solstice on 21st December
Cancer Full Moon on 30th December
New Years Day

I also hold my regular Kundalini / Astrolini classes which are Kundalini classes with an astrological twist.

They are pay what you can afford until the end of the year (2020). 

You can find the details on my website www.kiranjot.com

Kiranjot x

December 18, 2020 — Guest Contributor
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