1 Year Anniversary ✨

Happy Venus Day & Happy Birthday to WIM!

On International Women's Day, I was invited by my dear friend Keris on Psycle London's Instagram platform to talk about my journey with WIM. If you missed it, you can check it on our IGTV.

So for today, I would love to take this opportunity to reflect on the Venus Journal's primary mission: to connect with the WIM community, provide tools and insights to help our community feel their best.

It brings me joy to see what we have accomplished in just one year:  52 journal entries, collaborations with 7 wonderful women who contributed with their writing, videos, interviews and playlists. These lovely women, listed below, enhanced the Venus Day Journal with their gifts and worldviews.  I am very thankful to them all:

Mariko Ponczeck

Abby Nocon

Jo Salmon

Nina Elegba

Janine Joseph

Toene Serrano


Janine Allen

This milestone also serves as an opportunity to look at this space from a less personal perspective, like an editor -Oh it is hard, trust me! After careful consideration, I decided to focus on writing more substantial material, albeit published less frequently. This will allow me to take rest, seek inspiration and be more creative with my articles.

So with that said, I will be taking a much needed break for the remainder of March and come back with this new system in April. From then on, the Venus Day Journal will be published on the first Friday of the month.  

Thank you for understanding and for being with me on this journey!

Before signing off, I would like to wish our team member Lauren Woodhall the best of luck on her new adventure!

Till next time


March 12, 2021 — Wasma Mansour