Our bespoke range of


For those who want their bedrooms and bodies to be their own, WIM offers products that delight the senses and enrich the soul.


For those who want their underwear, nightwear and loungewear to fit and feel wonderful.


For those who want scents that uplift and embrace, in the home or on the wrist.


For those who want to share and be part of a community.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This dress is so beautiful!!! I love it 💕💕
— Mariko
Customer reviews
This is the softest, most comfortable bra I have ever worn..it’s both supportive and invisible...love it
— Janine
Customer reviews
Bought some delightful underwear sets from you today, so so happy THANK YOU WIM 🤍
— Dalya
Customer reviews
"These aren’t my first linen bedding products, so I wasn’t completely surprised by the lovely texture and wonderful airiness that these sheets provide, how they can be cool and comforting as the climate dictates. For me, what separates them from many other linen products is their great combination of weight and heft, giving a reassuring feeling of substantiality without ever being heavy, that they could last for decades, easily."
— H. Chua

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